K-Cedar is a leading Korean string manufacturer in the field of tennis string innovation and exports to more than 20 countries.


It changed from KUKJE String to K-Cedar in 2017 and as the only company in Korea to produce tennis, badminton, squash, and soft-rocket strings. We started producing products in 1974 in Korea, which is the wasteland of string.


We  are currently producing as O.E.M from a famous foreign brand in recognition of our excellent technology.


If you try K-Cedar's product by yourself, you will feel and believe that it is superior to any other product. However, we are not satisfied with this and will do research and development constantly so that we can always be a good friend to tennis players.

* K-CEDAR Copoly Extruder *


1973    Established 'KUKJE GUT' company

1974    Production of HY-TEX and SUPER-SHEEP

1975    Joint STRING R&D with SOONGSIL University

1978    Production of MICRO STRING

1980    Exports to USA(in Boston), France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Israel, etc...

1984    Bump-type string production

1985    Certified Q mark in Korea

1990    Kevlar string production

1999    'KUKJE' series launch

2002   Renamed 'KUKJE GUT' as 'KUKJE STRING'

2008   Production of Poly string

2015    Began exporting Poly string to overseas such as Germany, etc..

2017    Establishment of corporation as K-Cedar in 'KUKJE STRING'

Contact K-Cedar

Address : 20 ,Eungok 2-gil, Naesu-eup, Cheongwon-gu, Cheongju, CHUNGBUK, KOREA

Call : +82-43-904-0888

Fax : +82-505-043-3351

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